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Saturday, January 26, 2019

#TimeToBuy The Housing Market’s Rebalancing Act #TimeToBuy #5StarREALTOR #ChrisBJohnsonREALTOR

#TimeToBuy The Housing Market’s Rebalancing Act #TimeToBuy #5StarREALTOR #ChrisBJohnsonREALTOR: Your BEST CHOICE FOR A REALTOR® IN LOS ANGLES & VENTURA COUNTY CA, Luxury Home Specialist, Certified Xome Auction Luxury REALTOR® #TimeToBuy The Hou...

Camarillo Short Sale Specialist #TimeToBuy #5StarREALTOR #ChrisBJohnsonREALTOR The Housing Market’s Rebalancing Act

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As millennials age and form new households and families, they will be a strong source of demand this year. Many millennials will be straying from urban centers and toward the suburbs. However, single-family housing supply will remain tight until Baby Boomers begin downsizing in greater numbers or new construction picks up.
“Since tight market conditions in the existing homes market will remain in place, and construction will increase only slightly, we expect existing home sales to remain close to their current levels, with a gradual downward trend,” BBVA stated in its outlook.
As of November, the housing market held 4.1 months’ supply, still well below the threshold of six months’ supply that marks a balanced market. At the most extreme, Oakland, California; and Tacoma, Washington, held just 1.7 months’ supply.
Just like sales, home prices have slowed in the second half of 2018. Home prices increased 5.1 percent over the year in November, down from 6.6 percent in March and April. Despite the slowdown, only 16 of the largest 80 metropolitan statistical areas posted home price appreciation slower than 5 percent as of November.
Home price growth will likely “remain solid” this year, according to BBVA, and will likely continue to outpace inflation.
New home construction should increase “slowly” this year, and multifamily construction should “stabilize at the current levels.”
Mortgage rates have risen and will likely rise a little more, putting pressure on affordability. The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage rate landed around 4.5 percent at the end of the year, according to BBVA, and is likely to “stabilize around 5% in the short- to mid-term.” The good news there is that “more than one-half of the impact of interest rate increases has already been absorbed by the market,” BBVA stated.
Overall, we can expect the shifting housing market to “balance some of the regional disparities built up over the last decade,” BBVA stated.
Already markets where prices are at their most extremes—either far outpacing economic fundamentals or lagging fundamentals—are beginning to realign, according to BBVA.
“This regional rebalancing is positive and will contribute to the sustainability of the housing market in the long run,” BBVA stated. “We expect this trend to continue in 2019.”
The outlook is largely positive for markets that are attracting knowledge workers and millennials forming new households or upgrading as their families grow. On the other hand, housing markets in smaller metros and rural areas may struggle.

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