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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ventura County Short Sales: I Want To Short Sale And Buy A New Home. What's The Best Way To Do That?

Ventura County CA – In the field of real estate buying a new home while short selling an old one is not an easy task.

The reason that banks allow you to short sale and walk away from the debt is to benefit the bank, not benefit you. Banks approve short sales because they see it as a way to cut their losses versus a foreclosure.

They do not like it when people short sell to benefit themselves and walk away from their debt. Let’s look at how the process would work if you short sale your home and then, buy a new one.

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Where this option is concerned you have to consider that if you have not paid your mortgage, it is very unlikely that lender would give you a loan for a new house.

The whole reason that they agreed to grant you a short sale is that they know that you are facing financial setbacks and hardship(s). It would not make sense for them to give you another loan to purchase a new house.

The best way to do this is to short sell your home but not miss any payments. It will be more difficult to convince the bank to approve the short sale and allow you to walk away from the debt.
However, there are a lot of loan programs available to help you buy a home after your short sale is completed. FHA has a mortgage program that allows you to qualify after a short sale.
Many other banks and credit unions also have loan programs for this. Yes, a short sale does affect your credit.

But, these lenders also know that it gets rid of a lot of debt which makes it easier for you to pay your bills. They consider a short sale to be an "acceptable derogatory" on your credit report.
They will approve you for a loan to buy a new home after taking that into consideration. So, there are many different options to buy a home after you short sell your current home.
The bottom line is that you have to continue making payments and maintain your credit during the short sale process. Thinking about a short sale?

I can help you short sale your property and get back on your feet. Send me an e-mail at I will contact you for a free consultation.

When we talk, I will explain how the process works in detail and answer any questions you may have. Or, if you prefer, you can call me at 805-208-0823.

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Certified Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Specialist . Always check with a good real estate attorney to find out the laws in your state. There are also legal aid non profits that can give you advice on what to do to stop a garnishment or bank account seizure.

You should also look at California SB458. With the passage of SB458, the Expanded Anti-Deficiency Law May Have Unintended Consequences on Ventura County Short Sales. So Please read
For Disclosure, and more information on Mortgage Assistance Relief Services, please see Code 16 of Federal Regulations (FTC), Part 322, or , and always consult your CPA, Accountant, Financial Advisor and Attorney before you any financial or legal decisions. Also see
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