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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Affordable (Loan) Modification Program…HAMP is not delivering as promised in Moorpark, CA

Home Affordable (Loan) Modification Program…HAMP is not delivering as promised in Ventura County, CA…..

The Treasury’s latest HAMP report card shows that only 467,000 distressed homeowners have received a permanent loan restructuring since the program began over 18 months ago. Over half of the 1.36 million trial plans started have been canceled, and 11 percent of those who’ve received a permanent modification have re-defaulted on the new loan after nine months.      Read More

With Millions of Foreclosures on Horizon, Should Moorpark, CA Mandate Loan Modifications?
BY CARRIE BAY | 10/28/2010

According to the Center for Responsible Lending, since the housing crisis took hold, 2.5 million homeowners have already lost their homes and another 5.7 million are at risk of foreclosure. It’s projected that between 10 and 13 million foreclosures will have occurred by the time this crisis abates. The Center argues that the power to stop unnecessary foreclosures and stabilize local housing markets lies with state legislatures. The group says lawmakers should impose mandatory loss mitigation standards for all servicers prior to foreclosure.        Read More

Wells Fargo Owns Up to Finding Errors in 55,000 Foreclosure Affidavits

For weeks, Wells Fargo has insisted that it’s not a part of the robo-signing debacle, but that changed with an announcement late Wednesday that it will submit new affidavits for approximately 55,000 pending foreclosures in 23 judicial states. Wells Fargo says it has identified instances where employees did not adhere to legal procedures in conducting final reviews and did not execute notarizations properly. The bank reaffirmed that it does not plan to institute a moratorium on foreclosure sale.      Read More

FHA Calls for Mortgage Principal Write-Downs in Ventura County, CA

Federal Housing Administration Commissioner David Stevens this week urged the Obama administration to pressure mortgage lenders to write down principal for underwater borrowers.
“In my view we need to push hard on the industry. Servicers and investors have got to begin writing down principal,” Stevens told a Women in Housing and Finance meeting in Washington, D.C.
Instead of freezing foreclosures, Stevens said, mortgage servicers should be figuring out how to prevent foreclosures to “keep families who could stay in their home in their home so they don’t get to this final stage where we’re worried about affidavits,” Stevens said.
Source: The Wall Street Journal, Jeff Sparshott (10/19/2010)

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